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Pivotal Resources Limited was founded by Mike Willis in late 1995 to offer a wide range of services to the digital printing industry - well beyond consulting. The name comes from our services being "Pivotal" to future business decisions of our clients when we provide "Resources". We effectively operate a virtual company - with associates and partners around the world who work with us on projects.

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Mike Willis is the founder and Managing Director of Pivotal Resources, an international marketing and technical consultancy specialising in electronic printing and the graphic arts. He has worked in these industries for the past 40 years, accumulating considerable experience in a wide range of imaging technologies. Recognised as an industry expert, he regularly speaks and gives tutorials at printing conferences in Europe and North America. In addition he is the publisher of Directions, a service which monitors patents, research papers and significant product launches in the electronic printer market. Mike is also a co-founder and Chairman of IMI Europe, organising high quality conferences and courses.

In May 1990 Mike was a founder member of Xaar, a company set up to exploit high resolution piezo ink jet technology. Later, while responsible for business development, he promoted the technology, forging links with printer companies world-wide resulting in Xaar's first licensee, a major Japanese business equipment manufacturer.

Mike began his career at Gestetner Limited, working on a variety of photocopier projects, and was responsible for the development of image processes. He graduated from the Polytechnic of Central London in 1976 with Honours in Photographic Sciences.

What we do

Directions - Ink jet patent intelligence

Patents and patent applications provide raw intelligence. But do you have time to read the 300 or so US and European patent applications and PCTs published every month?

Pivotal Resources offers a patent review service - Directions. Experts in printhead, ink and substrate technology scan all the main ink jet patents and technical papers published. As a subscriber you get a report six times a year with the most significant ink jet printhead, ink and substrate US and European patent applications and PCTs reviewed. Illustrated throughout, it provides a fast, easy way to stay in touch.

Ink Jet Academy - Theory of Ink Jet Technology

The thinking behind this course is simple - conferences are a great way to get the latest information on what's happening within the industry, but they don't give a balanced overview. The Ink Jet Academy course introduces all of the major ink jet technologies, printheads, ink types, materials for inks, design and system issues, print quality, and describes the new technology just appearing. It's a great way for anyone - sales, marketing, technical, managerial - to get up to speed with ink jet, and to understand the main issues of development.

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